How Much Turns Per Day Do I Need for My Official Rolex Watch Winder?

Do you know how many turns per day to set on your official Rolex watch winder? A watch winder is very crucial to maintaining your automatic watch. However, setting up a watch winder can be such a pain, especially if you do not know anything about watch winders.

A New Automatic Watch

As you buy a new automatic watch, you will see that this kind of watch requires very little maintenance. You will be able to provide movement to the watch as your wrist also moves. The rotor inside of the watch will spin, allowing the mainspring to tighten.

Although an automatic watch requires very little maintenance, you can see that this principle only applies if you are wearing your watch at all times. However, you might have a couple of other watches that you want to put on.

If you do not wear your automatic watch for quite a while, it will stop moving. Because of this, you will need a watch winder. And because you need a watch winder, you also need to know the proper Rolex watch winder settings.

A Watch for an Active Lifestyle

An automatic watch needs a watch winder because of how it works. But before you get an official Rolex watch winder, you should know how suitable this kind of watch is for an active lifestyle.

If you move a lot during the day, an automatic watch is going to suit you very well. You need to keep moving to make sure that your watch is sufficiently powered.

Watch Winder Turns Per Day

The next step to owning a watch winder is to set how many turns per day it should do. You should set the turns per day based on the brand of your automatic watch.

A lot of automatic watches out there provide information regarding how many turns per day they need. Once you have gotten a hold of that information, you can go ahead and set up your official Rolex watch winder.

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